From Conception through Creation, Industrial Innovation’s is New England’s leading specialist for Industrial Age Re-purposing and Custom Industrial Home Decor & Furnishings




Company Overview

At Industrial Innovations, we don’t replicate, we re-purpose the best pieces of the past to forge the most spectacular pieces of your home.

Industrial Innovations is a custom design, fabrication and installation company specializing in re-purposing industrial relics such that they fit the feel, look, purpose and style that our clients desire. My goal is to create a quality product that will undeniably endure the test of time and vividly stand out amongst other décor and furnishings. By obsessing over the details of period authenticity and architecture, I able to innovate and incorporate one-off antique and salvaged items into virtually any space. Driven by over 35 years of machining, fabricating and design experience my skills are what make each project successful but our passion for innovation and restoration is what makes Industrial Innovations one-of-a-kind.
I provide estimates on custom work as well. Please take the time to learn more about what make my pieces special in the about me drop down menu and thanks for visiting my website.
Joseph Haesche

Machines once gone are with us again, reborn in new form and figure.