Connecticut Industrial Furniture , lighting and Factory remains.


Please take a moment to read this short story about why I have chosen to repurpose and create industrial and machine age pieces.

The industrial revolution has passed. There will never be another one. Skilled men no longer use their hands to make a living. Robots and computers have replaced the heart of industry. In the wake lies a grave yard, a landscape littered with old closed factories.  Many are now empty; machinery and furniture scrapped. I recall a long ago conversation with the owner of a large shop telling me that these machines would be around well after we were gone. He was mistaken.

I worked in factories for a good deal of my adult life and I enjoyed it. I remember the day my father asked what college I wanted to attend. My reply was “a machine shop”.

There is a current demand to acquire those industrial pieces from the past. Iron and steel is valued now not for productions but for its history. The industrial age has reemerged in the form of art. The scrap that remains from the factories is now treasure.

I’m excited to work once again with the materials that made me who I am. Putting tools in my hand and, from nothing, create something. What you see may not be your taste in decorating. To many, these objects are odd and weird. To some these items construct the wave of the future. Machines once gone are with us again, reborn in new form and figure.


Call or email me anytime if you’re interested in my custom work, or if you’d like me to custom build something for you.

Visit my sister web site for some interesting creations in steel , brass , bronze , ivory , ebony and rosewood.  I am an avid collector of woodworking tools which inspired the creation of my collection of Victorian style Plumb bobs



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Joseph Haesche
Branford CT 06405

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Machines once gone are with us again, reborn in new form and figure.