Repurposed Modern Look Industrial large tv stand (SOLD)

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On a 1-10 this piece Iv just finished is an 11. The cast iron pedestals are spectacular and extremely rare from an Industrial scale. The red maple top has scattered birdseyes throughout. Hi gloss finish . The legs have leveling screws which are adjustable to allow the table to be sturdy. I recommend the piece once in place has a couple of cheap angle brackets attached to it and the wall its going to be in. Just for safety. I built this with one thought, a modern big screen tv stand that will pull you in immediately. The shelf is large enough for your modem and possibly more. The piece obviously can be used for any number of things , plant stand , an awesome display for your sculpture. On and On.
Measures 57″ long, 13″ deep and 30″ tall#tvstand #industrialpillars #repurposedtvbase

Price 2100.00