View from a B-52 Bomber ball turret Gunner coming home Combustion Spin Art

Acrylic on board these paintings are flashbacks, sparks from welders , machines screaming , turbines cranking , all inspirations from my past life in machine shops. Others from sitting out beneath the moon lit sky bass fishing Long Island Sound late at night. Of course we all like the Holidays and candy! Largest measure 42″ x 42″ . All are custom framed from milled Poplar or tulip wood here in Connecticut.  Shown here for sale, the painting I did out of respect for the guys who gave everything in WW2. Many died returning home all shot up in the ball turret of a bomber .  Some knowing they weren't going to make it due to the landing gear to shot to employ.   Its  a 42″ painting .

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Inspired by the courage of young men who fought in WW2